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2015 Bourgonjon, J., Vandermeersche, G., De Wever, B., Soetaert, R., & Valcke, M. (2015). Players’ perspectives on the positive impact of video games: A qualitative content analysis of online forum discussions. NEW MEDIA & SOCIETY, 1–18. A1
2014 Bourgonjon, J. (2014). The Meaning and Relevance of Video Game Literacy. (M. Zalbidea, M. Marino, & A. López-Varela, Eds.)CLCWEB-COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND CULTURE, 16(5). A1
2013 Bourgonjon, J., De Grove, F., De Smet, C., Van Looy, J., Soetaert, R., & Valcke, M. (2013). Acceptance of game-based learning by secondary school teachers. COMPUTERS & EDUCATION, 67, 21–35. A1
2013 Bourgonjon, J., & Soetaert, R. (2013). Video games and citizenship. CLCWEB-COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND CULTURE, 15(3). A1
2011 Bourgonjon, J., Rutten, K., Soetaert, R., & Valcke, M. (2011). From counter-strike to counter-statement: using Burke’s pentad as a tool for analysing video games. DIGITAL CREATIVITY, 22(2), 91–102. A1
2011 Bourgonjon, J., Valcke, M., Soetaert, R., De Wever, B., & Schellens, T. (2011). Parental acceptance of digital game-based learning. COMPUTERS & EDUCATION, 57(1), 1434–1444. A1
2010 Bourgonjon, J., Valcke, M., Soetaert, R., & Schellens, T. (2010). Students’ perceptions about the use of video games in the classroom. COMPUTERS & EDUCATION, 54(4), 1145–1156. A1
2008 De Pauw, Evelien, Pleysier, S., Van Looy, J., Bourgonjon, J., Rutten, K., Vanhooven, S., & Soetaert, R. (2008). Ze krijgen er niet genoeg van! Jongeren en gaming, een overzichtsstudie. Brussel: Het Vlaams Instituut voor Wetenschappelijk en Technologisch Aspectenonderzoek (viWTA). V
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