Jeroen Bourgonjon

Best paper in conference award nominee

Bourgonjon, J., Valcke, M., Soetaert, R., & Schellens, T. (2009). Exploring the Acceptance of Video Games in the Classroom by Secondary School Students. In S. C. Kong, Ogata, H., Arnseth, H.C., Chan, C.K.K., Hirashima, T., Klett, F., Lee, J.H.M., Liu, C.C., Looi, C.K., Milrad, M., Mitrovic, T., Nakabayashi, K., Wong, S.L., Yang, S.J.H. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Computers in Education. Hong Kong: Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education. (Download )



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