The Department of Educational Studies is responsible for teaching the following courses:
(This list is also available in Dutch)

Given name Surname Courses
JeroenBourgonjonH001271 - Culture Studies
BramDe WeverH000940 - Adult Education
H001867 - Research and Developments in Higher Education
H001917 - Powerful Learning Environments
GeertDevosH000196 - School Management and School Development
H000474 - Comparative and International Education
H001896 - Management in the Social Profit Sector
EmmelienMerchieH001919 - The Teacher within School and Society
AndréMottartC001819 - Communication Skills
H000276 - Interaction and Communication in the Classroom
H001868 - Integration Seminar
H001914 - Academic Communication Skills
H002082 - Integration Seminar
KrisRuttenH001876 - Culture and Education
TammySchellensH000711 - Educational Technology
H001727 - Teaching Methodology: Psychology
H001728 - Teaching Methodology: Psychology and Educational Sciences
H001879 - Instructional Strategies
JoTondeurH001887 - Instructional Design
MartinValckeD001496 - Learning and Instruction
D002893 - Capita Selecta in Pedagogics
H001860 - Instructional Sciences: Practices, Research and Policy
H001891 - Contemporary Educational Systems
H001918 - Classroom Management and Reflection
H002044 - Research Internship (Interior)
H002045 - Research Internship (Abroad)
H002046 - Research Internship (Interior and Abroad)
H002049 - Numeracy and Mathematics Education
H002074 - Instructional Sciences
HildeVan KeerH002048 - Care, Coaching and Guidance in Education
H002050 - Language in Preschool and Primary Education
RubenVanderlindeH001645 - Pedagogy of Teaching
H001751 - Pedagogy of Teaching
GeertVandermeerscheH001804 - Teaching Methodology: Behavioural and Social Sciences
H001838 - Culture, Media and Education
Johanvan BraakH000600 - Educational Effectiveness
H001881 - Curriculum Development
H002047 - Educational Change and Innovation
K000896 - Educational Change and Innovation