Department of Educational Studies

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences is one of the 11 faculties at Ghent University. With its 4500 students it is one of the largest faculties. The faculty takes the lead in a number of academic bachelor and masters level programmes: Psychology, Educational Sciences, Social Work and teacher Education.

The variety of departments reflect the varied nature of the disciplines being taught and researched: Personnel Management, Work and Organisational Psychology, Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting, Orthopedagogics, Social Welfare Studies, Foundations of Education, and Educational Studies.

The faculty started as an educational institute within the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy in 1927. This instituted evolved into an independent faculty in 1969. Most of the educational programmes were set up in a strongly interrelated way. Only in 2002 started completely independent educational programmes focusing on either Psychology or Educational Sciences. This can be considered as a result of the growing theoretical and empirical base in both scientific field and the strong focus of the Ghent programmes to be grounded in the local empirical research.

The Educational Sciences at Ghent University reflect the wide diversity of educational issues that are being studied in the field. Next to the foundations and philosophical base of education, there is a strong research focus on the history of education, special education, teacher education, ICT-based educational practices, performance indicator studies, social work, etc. Research traditions in these domains build on high level quantitative approaches, next to a strong focus on interpretative qualitative methodologies.